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NZWTA Certified (IWTO Sanctioned)
Auction Room

Country Auctions Limited

We handle approximately 25,000 bales a year

We believe Auction is the best system of selling growers wool. Especially in this environment of Falling supply and growing demand.

It is the most efficient mechanism to tranfer the ownership of large volumes of wool in a very short time. Pre sale, exporters apprise samples machine drawn by us In Gisborne and displayed at our show floor in Napier.

The wool is also core tested on our test house and IWTO approved core machine. The resulting cores are then sent to an independent laboratory and are measured for Greasy yield, Colour,Micron diameter, vegetable matter and now for length and strength (see length and strength page).

This data is displayed with the physical sample giving the exporter the information needed to supply their processors orders. Your wool is exposed to a large number of exporters whom on auction day compete fiercely and when wool is in demand drive the price higher You get the best market price on the day & we guarantee payment every time.

We are paid on prompt ( a specific day on which buyers pay for wool purchased at Auction) 12 days after sale. No wool is released until payment is cleared. This system is one that many industries would like to emulate. No one has not been paid when selling wool at auction. We also offer sale by private treaty, forward contracts, or through tender.

Country Auctions Limited