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Flexiwool Marketing System

More options, better prices

Our Flexiwool Marketing System ensures you get the best price for your wool by testing it first and then giving you all the options for sale. We don’t lock you into contracts with required wool specifications. And we don’t decide how or where your wool is sold once it’s been tested – that’s up to you.

How Flexiwool works

East Coast Wools is the only independent wool broker in Gisborne that can provide New Zealand Wool Testing Authority (NZWTA) certification. We test, grab and core sample your wool, and then issue a NZWTA (IWTO sanctioned) certificate for micron, vegetable matter, colour and greasy yield – all the specifications required by buyers and processors. We can also provide a length and strength test on request.

Once the results are in, you’re free to choose how and where your wool is sold. As one of New Zealand’s leading independent wool brokers, we sell wool on behalf of our growers at auction, by private treaty, or online at woolonline.com.

Keep your options open

If you sign a contract for the sale of your wool without getting it tested first, you could be limiting your options. That’s because your wool will need to meet the contract’s specifications in order to get the price you’ve been promised. If it doesn’t, your wool will already be in the other party’s store and you may simply have to take whatever price you’re given.

With Flexiwool, you always have options. We independently test and certify your wool before any contracts are signed so you can make the best decision about how your wool is sold. If it meets the specifications of a third-party contract offer, then you’re free to run with that. If it doesn’t, we can take it to the six biggest wool exporters or other buyers of your choice to maximize competition and price.

Support the environment

For every bale of wool you put through the Flexiwool Marketing System, we’ll donate $1.50 to an environmental cause of your choice. 

This initiative is our way of giving back to the environment and supporting the sustainable nature of wool that makes it so popular with consumers.

Flexiwool charges