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Our Team

Nigal Moore
Procurement Manager

Nigal Moore

As well as being procurement manager at East Coast Wools, Nigal is also part shareholder in the business.
He is also the man responsible for getting the wool in the door.

Nigal liaisons with clients, go out and picks up the wool, and is the main man the clients talk with.
Having been with East Coast Wools for the past 26 years, Nigal started his career there back in 1988.

During his time there, Nigal has achieved many things, his main one being the client base he built up.
The business used to do 2500-300 bales of wool but since he built the client base up East Coast Wools now welcomes around 8000-9000 bales of wool.

Nigal believes East Coast Wools is all about the clients, the contacts and looking after the farmers. 

Along with Peter, Nigal also has a couple of goals he intends to reach, and one is to maintain and look after the client base they have now – not let any go. He also wants to make sure all of their clients are satisfied with their service.

In his own time, Nigal runs a small farm, growing maize and doing his own crops. 

He is married with two daughters and enjoys the odd game of rugby as he is a part of the Poverty Bay Legends rugby team. Nigal enjoys working at East Coast Wools as it is a relaxed sort of environment, with all staff knowing what they have to do.

Paul Lennon

Wool Classer

Paul is the man who runs the store at East Coast Wools, and his jobs vary from sorting the wool, pressing it, getting it into lines and testing it.

He has been with the business for 11, going on 12, years.

In his time at East Coast Wools, Paul has stuck to his core roles to make sure the business continues to run smoothly and efficiently.

His main goal is to stay in the wool industry so to advance his skills and knowledge he already has.

Being in the wool industry for the past 20 years, Paul worked at PGG Wrightson in Masterton before joining the team at East Coast Wools.

Another one keen on exercise, Paul takes part in the odd triathlon, and takes up running in his spare time. He enjoys the type of work his job brings him and he enjoys working with wool.